Troop 114 Scouts Participate in the 57th Presidential Inauguration

Post date: Jan 11, 2013 4:56:08 AM

On Monday, January 21 approximately 750 Scouts from National Capital Area Council will participate in the 57th Presidential Inauguration, continuing a tradition that reaches back to President Woodrow Wilson.

Scouts will be involved at the Inauguration in the following areas.

  1. ADA Team
    1. ADA Directional volunteers will direct individuals with disabilities to the specific ADA sections from the security checkpoints.
    2. ADA Section volunteers are stationed inside the ADA areas to check individuals in, make sure the sections are reserved for individuals with disabilities only, and direct any individuals inside the ADA section to port-a-johns or vendors as needed.
  2. Inside Line Management volunteers manage lines at both the port-a-johns and vendor locations in order to prevent lines from backing into the magnetometers. If the lines reach the magnetometers, Secret Service will stop the security screening process.
  3. Directional volunteers will greet attendees after they pass through magnetometers and guide them to the parade route. This includes directions for both ticketholders and the general public.
  4. Magnetometer ADA volunteers will guide all self-identifying individuals with disabilities through specific magnetometers.
  5. Line Management volunteers will help sort through ticketed and non-ticketed guests, direct them to the appropriate line and assist with line formation and direction in front of the security checkpoints. Lines are anticipated to be very long, so these volunteers need to make sure that attendees are greeted and informed about what can and cannot be taken into the venue.
  6. Access Control Bleacher volunteers will focus specifically on ensuring guests remain in areas appropriate to their credentials.